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The Releasing

Updated: Jan 12

Written By: Oneshia S. Diamond

December 8, 2022

It is time to let go. I know the way has been difficult. I know those old stories have you convinced that this is who you are and of which you are made. And to some extent, all of this may hold some truth. HOWEVER, this is not all you will be and no longer all you are. Consider this day one of liberation. I am here to tell you none of that matters any longer. Write those old stories down in your journal if you desire (which I would strongly recommend, but for alternative purposes), but let them rest there. They cannot go into your new story. You are developing rapidly, and everything is changing-so should your story. Re-iterating the past holds us hostage in a mentality of victimhood that can be difficult to escape. Why choose to dwell there?

It is time for us to unleash those things that blocked, hindered, or stagnated our development into our best selves. And so, this day, we let the dead bury the dead. Make new memories, tell new stories, wake up and see how amazing life can be! Understand that those former boxes are obliterated, and you are not bound nor obligated to anything that does not contribute to elevation and transformation into your highest self. Struggle does not have to be your portion. Defeat does not have to have the final say. We are all born into circumstances (some more dire than others), and we all experience struggles, pain, and strife in some shape, form, and fashion. However, we have the opportunity and the choice to push through, learn what lessons we must, and attain our desired goals.

Personally, I am averse to confinement. I was placed on this earth to live a full life-to explore, create, enjoy, and love as much as possible. Everyday above ground is another opportunity to do something different, to do things better- become better. I don’t have a right to waste any gift given to me. Neither do you. It is time to heal those old wounds, leave the scabs be. Take the lesson, but don’t lose the joy. There is enough wind to carry every trouble away. You just have to be ok with it. Let’s unleash. Let it go.

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