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Am I, OK?

Updated: Jan 12

Written by: Oneshia S. Diamond

September 30, 2019 10:12 pm UTC+0

I, like many other people across this ever evolving planet, undergo moments when I choose to disengage with the rest of the world. Nothing personal, per se. But when life does life things (i.e. become unpredictable, dance all over my pre-made plans, and generally become a pain in my unmentionables), it can hit hard; and unexpectedly. When what once seemed like such a sure thing, suddenly falls apart, it can leave one wobbly and discombobulated.

When I am thrown off my figurative square, it can take a moment (oft times a very, very, very, long moment) for me to regain proper footing. It is during those times that I received the " Hey, checking up on you. Are you ok?" text messages from those that care for my well being. Which prompts me to ponder my mental and emotional state when I, too, must ask myself: am I "ok"? Truthfully speaking, I am not always "ok". Sometimes I fear that I may be dangerously close to slipping into something far from the "ok" regions.

When we are heavily invested in a desired outcome, and it fails to come to fruition, what was once viewed as the promised land of milk and honey, can easily become a disheartening voyage through foreign terrains. It is here where attempts to find the way back home may appear futile; daunting and overly challenging. It takes great internal strength and energy to traverse these dark nights of the soul. A clearing, of sorts, may be necessary to clean both the mind and internal energies. On the other hand, we can also view these moments as opportunities to reset; to revisit the drawing board, see where the course ventured, and plot actions to get it back where it needs to be.

Whatever the method, nothing in life has any guarantees. Sometimes things work; sometimes they don't. And in the immensely special occasions, they work out far better than we could ever anticipate. So, if you find yourself in one of these moments of uncertainty, know that you are amongst good company. Take a deep breath. Re-center your focus and energies, and clear out any negativity. Know deep from within that when given the proper time, you too, will be, ok.


Dream. Create. Be.

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